26 September 2016

Autumn Nights In Londons' City Lights

The daylight hours are slowly but surely whittling away before our eyes and the chilly dark night blankets are descending earlier than we'd hope for. Yes Summer is the prime time to let your hair down, crack open the pimms and get up to all sorts of naughty nonsense in the sizzling heat of late night escapades but I'll let you in on another little secret...Autumn is just as foolishly filthy and the windy chills makes for more layers to visually undress on the sly. 

How treacherous. 

The early bird sunset falls and blanket sheets of frizz-inducing drizzle calls for one thing and one thing only : Audacious Autumn nights in the big smoke city lights! Adios to summer bod gym prep and hola to toasty nights of bangers n'mash feasts, lashings of whisky tipped laughter and all things razzle, dazzle and fun! Let the nights of Autumn tomfoolery commence!

It may well be re-enacting the great flood of Noah's Ark outside but Autumn nights amongst the enchanting London city lights makes for an adventure waiting to be experienced in full shameless fun.

Wrap up tight, leave your moaning myrtle alter-ego at home, grab your partner in crime and get ready to come to alive!

From Saturday 1st September 2016 

Get yourself chilled out like the brisk winds dancing about outside with an evening spent in the captivating and energetic atmosphere of London's best comedy acts. Guaranteed to deliver a night of endless entertainment and nonsense, you won't feel an ounce of guilt for forgoing the gym as you'll walk away with burning abs of stealth after the sinful jokes thrown your way!

Wednesday 28th September 2016

Summer may well have closed her suitcase on entertaining us with days of sun, sin and s... doesn't mean we're willing to pass up another round of poppycock fun and zero responsibility. Sound like something you fancy getting your teeth into? Pack your suitcase, scamper down to Regent's Canals with Christabel's Parties and prepare for your night to take off in a delicious 3-course vacation! With the anointed theme being "Retro Vacation", prepare to throw it back old-school style for something a little different for date night in the city!

If it's a romantic night of seductive whispers and flirty stolen glances amongst the twinkling splendour of London's panoramic landscape that you're after then this stunning cocktail and champagne bar is whispering your name. Elegant, indulgent and just a bit sexy, date night at the attic will heat right up along with the heart of your lucky date.

The roaming cinema experience not to be missed, the Nomad cinema is just the ticket all you secret film buffs need for a dip into escapism and adventure upon the big screen! Enter the world of cinematic entertainment, naughty outdoor blanket fumbles, thirsty tipples of satisfaction amongst some of the city's most enchanting and beautiful screening locations! 


Fancy something a little quirky, a little unique and somewhere guaranteed to ruffle the flirty feathers of your date (no peacocking necessary)? Saunter off to this eclectic cocktail bar in the heart of Shoreditch for a night of hand crafted quenching drinks, hidden spaces whispering out for mischief and get ready to wiggle those hips and giggle with classic music mashups!


Boasting the recently acclaimed title of "Best Outdoor space in Shoreditch" 2016/17, the magic roundabout is a mashup party space waiting to ignite the magic into your night of frivolous fun! Darting between warming beer crafts, charming cocktail tables, tantalising street food trucks, prepare for a night of non-stop blood-pumping action before the after-party action gets pumping back at home!

The Oval

Who doesn't love indulging in a bit of costume-clad role-play mischief?  Thought so. If you fancy a night of no responsibilities apart from pure unadulterated pleasure then skip your way into Oktoberfest East for an alpine wonderland of fun, games, beer and more Bratwurst sausage you'll ever get your lips around! Prepare yourself to indulge in foolish shenanigans in this hailed Bavarian feast!

Thursday 29th September 2016

Throw out all your pesky inhibitions and get more than your dates' balls bouncin' by getting down and dirty in a beer pong competition of skilful handiwork. Get ready for a night of glory hunting and shameless flirting that'll leave you sauntering away nailing more than a ping pong ball in a cup...!


We're creatures who like quick-fixes and satisfaction that comes with little to no effort. Expectations soar high when trying to impress a flirty fancy but with the Cinema Sleepover Club on the scene, you'll no doubt impress without the stress! All the best things in life come tucked up in this gem of a night from sumptuous street food, hip swaying dutty dancing, cheeky cocktails of silliness and a cinematic experience designed to please. Escape into your own world of slinky, minxy misbehaviour!

Love, Sarah

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