21 September 2016

Getting Choked Up: The 90s Showstopper Wraps Back Around

Instead of looking towards the key pieces we'll be swooning and swaying around in the Spring & Summer air of next year, the fashion foray has taken a sneaky step back to fashion cupboards of the 90s as we see a resurgence of the 'it' necklace stealing this season's spotlight: The Choker.

Before you tutt, hear me out! When you see the word 'choker' the days of stretchy black tattoo numbers ping straight to mind don't they? Long gone are those days! The fashion darlings of Instagram have raised the style bar with this style comeback and this time it's bigger, better and more 'new generation-cool' than ever! 

Chokers are playing upon the fashion field in a plethora of intriguing and enchanting ways from chic gold chains giving way to sculptural and geometric forms to slinky lengths of ribbon in velvet, soft silk, plaited leather cords and crystal sophistication through coloured gemstones and fine sparkle for a hint towards the demure. 

With the array of different styles, fabrics, materials and adornments, the choker choice you plump for can elevate any outfit to different heights of chic and streamline the look of even the most bodacious of ensembles. 

The neck is a symbol of femininity and exposing the d├ęcolletage is a simple yet seductive way to offset a look of teasing enchantment. Take this trend to the fashion forefront and run with the endless designs on offer by making a statement with a graphic and edgy breastplate showstopper or tantalise with a hint of skin and supple, minimalistic class.

A little bit bold, a little bit beautiful and a bewitching keepsake for timeless elegance; the choker is wrapping up to be your new season d├ęcolletage bff!

Love, Sarah

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