24 September 2016

Meraki: Meet Gratitude Guru Carolyne Bennett

In this modern world filled with fast-track fashion, technology, social media pressures and controversial political turnabouts, finding yourself grounded and inspired by authentic individuals seems to be quite hard to come by. 

That being said, when you do stumble upon someone who leaves you inspired, courageous and believes in the potential you can bring to the world they deserve to be celebrated in all their radiating beauty. So when it comes to meeting someone truly inspiring, I think it's safe to call home and tell my parents I've finally won the jackpot!

Bubbling with humble sincerity, oozing a down to earth nature and eliciting uplifting wisdom all wrapped up in one infectious giggle, meet the aspirational Carolyne Bennett.

From the moment I was lucky enough to meet Carolyne I was positively brewing, bubbling & buzzing with adoration for this woman and the sense of empowerment that bounces off anything and everything she utters. There's very few individuals who can unconsciously make you stop, take a breath and incredibly reframe your whole life perspective.

I feel so very lucky to have met this wondrous woman and continue to pinch myself at how privileged I am to regularly catch up with her and always walk away feeling rejuvenated, inspired and uplifted.

She's a lady of love, a lady of passion dressed in an infectious gratitude for the simplistic beauty of life.

Step inside the world of this enchanting soul who has brains, beauty and a whole lot of love! Time to get to know this radiating lady and the loving magic that shines through her soul's purpose...

What does a typical day in the life of Carolyne Bennett entail?

The first thing I do when I wake up is think about 'conscious living' and how I can inject intention into my day before it has begun. I do this by speaking to the Universe and asking that my day be filled with 'presence, love and consciousness. I ask that I can share the wisdom and love to make a difference to peoples lives and the earth as a whole. I also ask that I put my personal agenda's aside and get help with my short-comings :)

After the usual things like breakfast, replying to emails and school runs, I meditate. It is such an important part of the day for me as the benefits help me on a mind, body and soul level and also benefit all those that I come into contact with because I am calm and relaxed. 

Around 11am I have a shot of 'earth medicine' aka green smoothie. Looking after my health and filling my body with nutrients to assist its well-being is vital to me. Even though it tastes mmnnnn 'interesting' - I know on a cellular level my body is flipping with excitement!

I see around 3/4 clients on a typical day in-between eating well, doing mindfulness practices, general house admin and being a Mum to a teenage daughter :)

The evening is my sacred 'me time'. I love nothing more than a candle lit epsom salt bath and a positively uplifting book. I am in the bath for hours at a time! I generally go to bed early and journal, reflect on my day and read some more uplifting books! Yes, I have 'bed books and 'bath books'. I love getting 'plugged in' to the positivity that is always around us.

What makes you feel good?

Seeing someones life change and them connecting to their sacred journey. Seeing people achieve their goals, helping people and making a difference.

What is your proudest achievement?

Overcoming a drug addiction and turning my life around. There are so many more though!

Who or what keeps you passionate & inspired?

The Universe keeps me passionate as there is always so much to do, to learn and to become. Our evolution is endless! People also continuoisly inspire me. Watching people connect to their power and passion, seeing people overcome serious challenges and 'me' I am inspired by how far I have come, how much I have overcome and the possibilities of 'what I can become'.

What are some small ways that help turn a negative day into something more positive?

Meditating, mindfulness, listening to podcasts, reading books, asking the Universe to help, talking to friends, looking for the good....

Do you have a particular quote or mantra that you live or work by?

Ooooh....there are sooo many - this one springs to mind... 
"Life is one big circle - what you give out you get back. If you don't like what you are getting back - look at what you are giving out".

What impact does quotes & positive mantras have on your life?

They keep me 'plugged in'. It is very easy to get lost in the everyday automated state and a positive quote quite often brings me back into conscious living. They can also broaden my horizons and on a conscious level get me to "think differently".

What is your hope for the future?

To be a bigger part of global change. To help make a bigger difference. To overcome my challenges and use the wisdom to help others achieve the same. 

Was this way of life and work something you always aspired to achieve?

In some ways yes. I knew I wanted to make a difference but how that looked I was not sure. My path has just unfolded really and is now more beautiful than I would ever have imagined. That's not to say I don't have challenges; I do. Some big ones too. But these challenges help me to grow, to learn and to connect to a deeper sense of love. 

What are some of the biggest life lessons you've learnt so far?

How to have loving and connected relationships must be the biggest for me so far. I was born into a very emotionally void and isolated home and due to the dysfunction and the programming I had no idea how to connect to other people in a meaningful and trusting way. I had learnt some very defected ways to get my needs met and as a result I could never hold a relationship of any kind down. I had to re-learn how to function in a way that would not hurt myself or others and bring me deep and loving relationships as a result. 

Quick fixes was a biggy for me! I was always looking for ways of getting my needs met in a quick way and noticed that I never ever managed to quench my hunger, my thirst and my need for more fixes. It is only along my own personal development pathway and studying the Kabbalah that I was able to learn about the differences between a quick fix and long-term, deep and satisfying fulfilment. Essentially I learnt how to overcome myself. And that the only opponent in my life is myself and the way I view and react to things. I certainly have not mastered it, but knowing this wisdom certainly has helped me! 

As within, so without. This is one of the spiritual universal laws that has really help me (and stretched me) along my pathway. I realise that my world is a direct reflection of everything I believe to be true. And if I don't like the reflection, I can work on some of my deeper belief patterns, emotional blockages and hurts and pains to change the projection that I am putting out into the world, which will bring me a different reflection back. I believe that we don't see the world as the world is, we see the world as we are.

What are you fail-safe remedies for when your self confidence is down?

I have noticed that the more I step out of my comfort zone and achieve, the more confident I feel in myself. The times that I felt at my lowest was when I didn't really feel like I was making a contribution either physically or emotionally to the world. 
I also use an inner child technique which has been fantastic as a way of 'positively parenting' myself, reassuring myself and giving myself the love that I need, when I need it most. When my confidence is low I see it as an opportunity to shed more outdated belief systems that keep me stuck and it is a wonderful opportunity to start reinstalling new ones; ones that will help me get where I want to go. So I don't get stuck in that place for long as I have proactive techniques which help me get out and help me increase my confidence and self-esteem further.

What would we always find stocked in your kitchen?

Haha! Lots of healthy things. Salmon, spinach, coconut water, RAW chocolate, olives, fresh vegetables... I always have a stock of RAW chocolate though! 

What is the best piece of advice you've ever been given?

I can't think of any specific piece of advice that I have ever been given offhand but another quote comes to mind. One that had spoken to me silently throughout the years and helps me to keep going in the right direction for me despite the illusion of how I perceive things to be and what others say. It is "Your head will always lead you in circles and your heart will always lead you home". 
Sometimes my head gets so 'full' with confusion and chatter that I go around in circles! If I can learn to connect to the gentle classical tone of my heart, I am guaranteed to feel a sense of peace and clarity on the best direction to go or decision to make. 

When do you feel most content & happy?

When I move from the craziness of my head energy into my heart! Usually nature invokes this for me. My favourite place is by a body of water. A lake, the sea, a waterfall or such like. Nature is so beautiful that it opens my heart almost instantly.... Especially when I incorporate a mindfulness practice. 
There are many other times I feel contentment and it is usually when I am living 'in the moment'; being present. 

How do you stay true to yourself?

Over the years I have learnt to follow what 'feels' right for me and then (most of the time) be as true to my feelings as I can. By being honest with myself and others I can honour my truth and live it in a way that enhances my life and the life of others as a result.

Is there anything that we'd be surprised to know about you?

Mmnnnnnn, not sure as I am pretty open about my likes, dislikes, defects and all hehe! Maybe just that I can have some really tough days, just like anyone. Sometimes the pain in my body causes me to want to throw in the towel! Only sometimes. In the main, I am upbeat and positive but have my dark days too. 
I am quite a shy person and it takes me a while to get comfortable socially! I am naturally socially reserved but that is more about sussing things out before I open up. This has changed over time but I still have the shy aspect to me. 

What would be your advice to someone embarking on a new spiritual way of existence?

Don't believe everything you hear. Build your own inner power and get your own evidence on what is 'true for you'. 

Where do you find the most joy in your work?

On deeper soul/mentoring programs. I love nothing more that a deep soulful journey. The results are always outstanding and peoples lives' change. This is so beautiful to watch and see old relationships healing, people connecting to purpose and learning how to read and work with the Universe. 

How do you go about accomplishing your goals? Do you make endless to-do lists, mood-boards, pinterest-worthy vision boards or do you like to tackle smaller goals on a daily/weekly basis?

I tend to journal mainly although in the past affirmations, visualisations, vision boarding and speaking to the Universe have played a massive role in getting me to where I am now.
I find things come more naturally now without having to do all the early prep work I used to do. I see it in my mind, feel it in my heart and take action accordingly these days. I have connected to an 'inner knowing' which has been my valuable guidance and inner compass. 
I also work with coaches regularly. This is a massive aid in helping me achieve my goals. Sometimes getting outside help can mean the difference between breaking through or not. Well, for me anyway. 

Being a life & soul coach, what is the most common problem individuals struggle with?

Relationships, self loathing, anger, resentment, career issues, not feeling fulfilment generally. 

Between everything that you do, you must cherish time to yourself - what's your favourite way to indulge in some 'me time'?

BATH! I love love love a long soak in the bath with a good book and some RAW chocolate. 

And finally, who's y-o-u-r inspiration?

Tough one, as I have lots of people that inspire me. I can't think of one in particular. People like Mother Theresa, Ghandi and Ian Somerhalder (but I think that's mainly because he is sexy and makes such a wonderful difference in the world). Anyone who comes from a tough background or overcomes major challenges and changes their life inspires the socks off me! 

Time for a little snapshot of quick-fire fun as I put Carolyne in the question time hot seat...

Your last meal on earth would be...A big bowl of fresh organic salad and RAW chocolate :-)

The current book on your bedside table is...Jump and your life will begin...

Favourite colour...All the Blues

Favourite crystal...Rose Quartz

Your go-to place to unwind is...The Bath :)

The one thing you can't live without every day is...Frankie my dog and RAW Chocolate

Your signature scent is...Hypnotic by Poison

Your dream hotspot destination would be...Bora Bora

Your current favourite song...An all time classic - Amazing Grace

Are you a Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter baby? Summer all the way

Salty or sweet? Bit of both :-)

Take a peek on Carolyne's website to find out more about the inspiring work she offers!

Love, Sarah

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