28 October 2016

Pre-Game Halloween Playlist

The mischievous weekend of naughty nonsense has crept up in all her sneaky glory read to take a stab at a night of chills, shrills, thrills and kills! Why hello there Halloween weekend you scandalous madam!

As the temperatures drop and the mysterious dark cobble streets come alive with frivolous fun get the soundtrack to your weekend mischief  thumping loud n'strong like the eerie haunts that go bump, bump, bump in the night. Whether you plan to dress up, show up and scamper the dark chilling streets in a haunted terror trail hunt, get down n'dirty in a lusty fire smoulder of jams or end up face planting the candy bucket whilst your toes tingle with a hair-raising movie marathon, get your pre-game face defiantly on with this dutty beat mashup mixtape.

Get your weekend vibe striking terrifying heights and your cold blood pumping by turning up the sound on this adrenaline-pumping playlist and let your inner devil come out to play with some treacherous tomfoolery...

Ms. Lauryn Hill - Doo Woop (That Thing)

TLC - No Scrubs

Hitimpulse - I'm In Love With The Coco

Rihanna - Pon De Replay

Christina Aguilera - Dirrty

Mary Mary - Shackles (Praise You)

R. Kelly - Ignition (remix)

Blu Cantrell, Sean Paul - Breathe

Blackstreet - No Diggity (Bondax edit)

Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl

Tinashe, Iggy Azalea - All Hands on Deck (remix ft. DeJ Loaf)

The question is what kind of naughty night would you kill for? - Trick or Treat?

Love, Sarah

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27 October 2016

Kaleidoscopic October Birthstones: Opal & Tourmaline

Happy Birthday to the October Librans & Scorpios! You lucky devils have been gifted with two beautiful birthstones to mark the month of Autumnal change and new beginnings. Both Opal and Tourmaline are as transient, adaptable and changeable like the month of October which makes them perfect to suit the plethora of different personalities and tastes out there. Legend has it that both gemstones have made their journeys's to this Earth through rainbows which is represented through the myriad of rainbow shades, colours combinations and reflections that each stone showcases. With Opal and Tourmaline, the dancing light and tonal patterns present themselves in a limitless show of beauty; perfect to suit the endless spectrum of individual style and grace.

Opal is an electric gemstone with a galaxy of flashing tones and play-of-colour combinations that make it one truly spectacular opalescent beauty. Aligned within the stone itself are thousands of tiny little silica spheres that mingle and refract the light, leading to a firework burst of jellyfish patterns and intensities where no two stones are alike. It is thought that the name 'Opal' derives from the sanskrit term 'Upala' translating to 'precious stone' which was later derived from the Greek term 'Opallios'  meaning to 'see a change of colour'.

Opal is thought to hold many mystical and karmic powers such as enhancing the natural qualities of its wearer, whether this be good or bad. Opal has been long associated with love, passion and desire in which those who wear it are rid of their inhibitions and emotional states are amplified and stabilised. Wearing Opal helps an individual to feel loyally protected within dangerous situations and the karmic influence of sending out positive thoughts is brought back to them in abundance as a healing elixir.

Tourmaline is the alternative birthstone for October made up of a number of various different minerals giving it its broad spectrum of rainbow colours and beautifully intricate display of tonal lights. Tourmaline has the biggest range of colours of all the gemstones. A complex silicate derived from the Sinhalese term 'tura mali' translating to 'stone of mixed colours' with a wide variety of tone and clarity. Pink and red tourmaline has often been referred to as rubies due to their deep intense pigments but also tend to display more visible inclusions compared to their green and blue varieties.

Tourmaline is thought to be a stone that aids a sense of compassion, healing and grounding in order to help stabilise the wearer and help heal inner turmoil and fear. Pink Tourmaline in particular is said to be the gemstone of humanitarianism and love by promoting a sense of sympathy towards other. Pink Tourmaline is said to radiate the highest energy of love of all the tourmalines whereby a sense of calming of negative emotions towards special relationships is aided to those who wear it.

Love, Sarah

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24 October 2016

Shine On Bright Beauty

Winter is dipping her wet and nippy toes into the weather pool of October leaving us reaching for those chunky rib jumpers reminiscent of poncho tents and playing safe with the cheerful colour of black as a staple colour palette. The emerging countdown to all things mistletoe mischief and tinsel-town fun gives us the perfect excuse to pop a drop of sparkle and sass into our solemn moods and matching wardrobe. Time to set your hungry eyes upon some majestical prey of adornments like the ruthless sparkle magpies the Jewellery world!

Statement sparkle doesn't have to resort to gaudy coloured bauble earrings or glitter rhinestone rings but a simple sway to statement dazzle can elevate you into the show-stopping spotlight for all the right reasons! 

Branching out to a treasure box of delicately gilded costume jewellery can take your nondescript winter wardrobe from drab to standout fab in one delicately swift and refined move. 

Think striking, not shouty and inject a bit of beguiling attention-grabbing shine into the season of sparkly mischief!

Indulge in a bit of seductive charm with a little hint of sparkle just in time for the most magical season of the year to fire up and shine bright...

Inject a touch of sparkle into your jewellery trinket box with my top winter picks! 

Glimmer. Glitz. Glow. 

Love, Sarah

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21 October 2016

Sounds Of The Autumn Equinox

It's that dreary, never-ending time of the month where the sunshine beauty is beginning to increasingly disappear only to be replaced with bitter breezes, downfall showers of gloom and unplanned exercise as you sprint to dodge the spray of lurgies spluttered from every angle. 

Let's all say a warm and entirely ironic welcome to the whippersnapper scallywag...Winter. 

I thought I'd be a top lass and take one for the team by whipping up a new music menu of inspired house hooks, finger-snapping clicks and eclectic indie beats to shake up your mood, get you in the groove and turn the volume up on the upcoming duvet cocoon days of bliss!

Get your weekend started early - put the Holy water away you early bird - and set your soul loose with this winter soundbed of heady feels just in time for happy hour shenanigans. 

Good tunes, good vibes, good company and good wine make for one weekend of wiggle-worthy mischief!

The Lifed (ft. Ashliann) - Mr Sandman

Cappa (ft. Jon Santana) - Wannabe

JoJo - Vibe

Katelyn Tarver - Planez

Matthew John Kurz - I Wanna Be That Guy

Terror Jr - 3 Strikes

JoJo (ft. Alessia Cara) - I Can Only

Becky Hill - Warm

Cashmere Cat, Selena Gomez - Trust Nobody

EZA - Alive

Love, Sarah

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17 October 2016

Chills, Thrills & Frills: Lazy Loungewear

Is there any better feeling than tumbling through your front door, casting off all suffocating work attire and letting it all hang loose, free n'fine? 

Swap your tablet for a cheeky tumbler of vodka and you're ready to swing into prime time down time in more ways than one!

Alas the au natural birthday suit doesn't quite cut it as a pleasant treat for your poor housemates so the next best thing has to be the art form of soft, slouchy cosy threads. 

As the nippy winter nights pop up to make a startling appearance, chiseled beach bods and skimpy short shorts are tossed and dumped only to be replaced with cosy clothing loungewear, too many pillows, a Netflix subscription ready to rumble and endless blankets to conceal late night sneaky fumbles.

Winter nights are made for far too much glorious binge-worthy television entertainment, too much chocolate celebration box comfort and seeking the answers to life's woes at the bottom of a vodka bottle. Nothing quite warms chilly toes as good as a sneaky shot of holy water but these handpicked head-to-toe lazy day comforts just about cut it. 

Nothing screams Netflix and chill more than a body-engulfing onesie suit to bask in total unashamed finery whilst letting it all hang loose as the chocolate truffle bloat emerges in total glory. 

Time to say adios to after-work drinks in skimpy suck-it-all-in glad rags and hello to evenings spent nestling indoors, wrapping up into one toasty state of hibernation as the bitter winds batter the suckers risking it outside amongst the evil temperatures of winter!

Get your chilly fingers and toes up close n'personal with these high street snuggle snaps up for grabs...

 From left to right: Stripe PJ Set, Zip Hoodie

From left to right: Star Print Set, Khaki Harem Pants, Tipped Mono JoggersPugicorn PJ Set

From left to right: Lace Lounge Set, Frill Bardot Set, Zip Hoodie, Dreamer Romper

From left to right: Breakfast Club Set, Angel Sleep Tee, White Mermaid Blanket 

From left to right: Jersey Jogger Set, Unicorn Robe, Double Trouble Set, Dip Dye Set

From left to right: Leopard Tee & Jogger, Funnel Neck Pullover, Cross Back Rib Set, Pink Silk Kimono

Love, Sarah

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