17 October 2016

Chills, Thrills & Frills: Lazy Loungewear

Is there any better feeling than tumbling through your front door, casting off all suffocating work attire and letting it all hang loose, free n'fine? 

Swap your tablet for a cheeky tumbler of vodka and you're ready to swing into prime time down time in more ways than one!

Alas the au natural birthday suit doesn't quite cut it as a pleasant treat for your poor housemates so the next best thing has to be the art form of soft, slouchy cosy threads. 

As the nippy winter nights pop up to make a startling appearance, chiseled beach bods and skimpy short shorts are tossed and dumped only to be replaced with cosy clothing loungewear, too many pillows, a Netflix subscription ready to rumble and endless blankets to conceal late night sneaky fumbles.

Winter nights are made for far too much glorious binge-worthy television entertainment, too much chocolate celebration box comfort and seeking the answers to life's woes at the bottom of a vodka bottle. Nothing quite warms chilly toes as good as a sneaky shot of holy water but these handpicked head-to-toe lazy day comforts just about cut it. 

Nothing screams Netflix and chill more than a body-engulfing onesie suit to bask in total unashamed finery whilst letting it all hang loose as the chocolate truffle bloat emerges in total glory. 

Time to say adios to after-work drinks in skimpy suck-it-all-in glad rags and hello to evenings spent nestling indoors, wrapping up into one toasty state of hibernation as the bitter winds batter the suckers risking it outside amongst the evil temperatures of winter!

Get your chilly fingers and toes up close n'personal with these high street snuggle snaps up for grabs...

 From left to right: Stripe PJ Set, Zip Hoodie

From left to right: Star Print Set, Khaki Harem Pants, Tipped Mono JoggersPugicorn PJ Set

From left to right: Lace Lounge Set, Frill Bardot Set, Zip Hoodie, Dreamer Romper

From left to right: Breakfast Club Set, Angel Sleep Tee, White Mermaid Blanket 

From left to right: Jersey Jogger Set, Unicorn Robe, Double Trouble Set, Dip Dye Set

From left to right: Leopard Tee & Jogger, Funnel Neck Pullover, Cross Back Rib Set, Pink Silk Kimono

Love, Sarah

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