21 October 2016

Sounds Of The Autumn Equinox

It's that dreary, never-ending time of the month where the sunshine beauty is beginning to increasingly disappear only to be replaced with bitter breezes, downfall showers of gloom and unplanned exercise as you sprint to dodge the spray of lurgies spluttered from every angle. 

Let's all say a warm and entirely ironic welcome to the whippersnapper scallywag...Winter. 

I thought I'd be a top lass and take one for the team by whipping up a new music menu of inspired house hooks, finger-snapping clicks and eclectic indie beats to shake up your mood, get you in the groove and turn the volume up on the upcoming duvet cocoon days of bliss!

Get your weekend started early - put the Holy water away you early bird - and set your soul loose with this winter soundbed of heady feels just in time for happy hour shenanigans. 

Good tunes, good vibes, good company and good wine make for one weekend of wiggle-worthy mischief!

The Lifed (ft. Ashliann) - Mr Sandman

Cappa (ft. Jon Santana) - Wannabe

JoJo - Vibe

Katelyn Tarver - Planez

Matthew John Kurz - I Wanna Be That Guy

Terror Jr - 3 Strikes

JoJo (ft. Alessia Cara) - I Can Only

Becky Hill - Warm

Cashmere Cat, Selena Gomez - Trust Nobody

EZA - Alive

Love, Sarah

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