15 October 2016

Welcome To The Dark Side Ms Havisham

With fingers hot on the unpredictable fashion pulse and the 90s revival unfurling from the style graves of the past, dramatic sensualism and extravagant grandeur have been creeping out from the deep, dark underworld ready to make a killer appearance on the fall fashion roller coaster.

There's no doubt that making a boldly bodacious entrance this season is the crucial fashion nod of enviable approval with seductive demonic designs swathing the catwalks in gloomy glory!

A tricky trend to keep romantic and mysterious without finding yourself as an extra member of the Adam's family who face planted the dressing up box, the minimalist trick is to embrace the look through a single element. Fire up an understated outfit by pairing it with dramatic gothic details through your jewellery that'll streamline your look into dissolved gothic charm.

Dark culture is one of the most influential and pervasive artistic expressions which designers this season have encapsulated through the revival of extravagant baroque accents. Exuberance oozed through eye-catching coloured-metal ear cuffs and body chains, velvet diamond chokers, multi-layered necklaces scattered with ancient folk-charms and attention demanding dangly earrings dripping in mysterious dark royal gemstones.

Take a look at my broody, gloomy fashion mood board of enigmatic spirit to inspire your bewitching gaze and leave you exuding an air of sassy-meets-forlorn enchantment.... 

Love, Sarah

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