25 November 2016

Adornment Meets Masculinity: Men's Jewellery

For a fair few gentlemen the mere word 'Jewellery' is enough to make their pumped chests shrink and reach straight for the beers to reinstate all things masculine. When it comes to stepping foot in the jewellery world, it's fair to say that woman are pretty much catered for hand on foot for a plethora of tastes, personality and style.

Bold and bodacious adornments, dazzling multi-coloured gemstones and trend-led catwalk pieces; a womans' jewellery wardrobe is like stepping into the undiscovered world of Narnia - imagination knows no boundaries! However, if you behold the jewellery world of men you'll find it whittled down to a mere trinity of essentials: cufflinks, wedding bands and watches.

Whilst female fashion is tailored for versatility, beauty and attention, a lady can put on an understated one-tone outfit and inject a pop of eye-grabbing personality through her bejewelled accessories. On the flip side, the stereotypical approach for men and aesthetics is confined to pure functionality. Watches are there to prevent men from being late for date night, cufflinks keep his shirt sleeves from rolling into a lunch-meeting soup and his wedding ring acts as a flash warning to any wandering eyes.

By all means I'm not suggesting that men should invest into the cubic zirconia encrusted body chains or shoulder-dancing statement droppers but the world of jewellery for the male specimen goes far beyond the presumed limitations we all settle upon. The notion that steering away from self-decoration as a male is slowly being stamped, bevelled, buffed and polished up into a new wave of subtle refinement as showcased through new collection pieces by Alexander McQueen, Givenchy and Marc Jacobs to name a few.

Mixing and matching flashes of stacked or twisted bracelets, decorated tie pins or rough cut black diamond rings can pay dividends in elevating the sharp tailoring of a suit by laying down a hint of personality. Men's Jewellery doesn't have to lead the imagination to looking like a precious museum piece to ogle; embossed or encrusted pieces a little rough around the edges like a statement gold chronograph wristwatch or a black gem skull bracelet keep the look understated but pack a punch in the style stakes.

The key piece of advice when branching out your jewellery game face is to treat your adornments like your tequila shots: it's all about maintaining balance. Sharp flashes of metal keep things looking less ostentatious with Ryan Gosling being a prime candidate who nails the ratio between plain jane boring and Ali-G glory-hunting. Bear in mind the proportions of your look and work with what nature graced you with - smaller wrists should magpie smaller wristwatches as an oversized watch face will only accentuate and make the arm look smaller...I wouldn't want to squander the time and effort spent weight-lifting in the gym now, would I?


Love, Sarah

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20 November 2016

Soulful Sounds of Winter Adventure

Bask in the sweet sound of sunday soul with this chill out blend of tracks and prepare for a memorable day of mellow laid-back goodness! 

Fresh feather-brushed sheets, icy OJ with pancakes in bed, your main squeeze lounging next to you and the soundtracks to bring the zen vibes; all the essential ingredients for one delicious morning of mischief!

Get ready to feel all the feels...

Mic Lowry - Oh Lord

Bonnie McKee - I Want It All (remix)

Justine Skye (ft. Tyga) - Collide

The Mack, Mark Morrison & Fetty Wap - Nevada 

Allistair (ft. SANE) - Spark (Take Two)

ALMA - Karma

Alessia Cara - How Far I'll Go

Mic Lowry - Bad Intentions

John Gibbons - Would I Lie To You

Pink Slip - 2 U (ft. Anthony Pavel)

Fanny Isabella - Heartless

Loren North - Feel It Out

Zara Larsson - I would Like

Loop - Losing My Mind

Love, Sarah

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14 November 2016

It's Written In The Stars

For a magical jewellery trend that's written in the stars and studded in mesmerising diamond sparkle then peak through your jewellery scope into a blanket night sky star studded with a cluster of iridescent astrological gems.

Sending the jewellery forecast into faraway orbit, govern your astrological fate by wearing the power of the cosmos as we fly into the hemisphere of the festive season of mischief! This star-inspired jewellery trend has struck the winter catwalks in sparkling elegance from demure and classic daytime subtly to bold and sultry nightie dazzle; there's a comic constellation aligning in the fashion skyline to pop a sizzling spark into any jewellery personality out there!

Take a peek at the majestical cosmic collections I've captured through my jewellery lens and get inspired to dazzle as the season for sparkle crashes into the limelight.

It's time to shine like a star and soar like a firework into the fashion forward season of all things glitter! 

She shoots, she soars...!
From left to right: Moon & skull pinSilver satellite earringsSunburst crystal studsRendez-vous moon watch

From left to right: Black diamond star watchCeleste earringsRhodium silver star earrings, Yellow diamond jewellery watch

From left to right: Starburst earringsDiamond star earringsVermeil & diamond studsCluster solitaire studs

From left to right: Gold plated crystal earringsShooting Star ringStar search necklaceCeleste ring, Starburst zirconia earrings

From left to right: Rose-gold shooting star earringsSparkle star cuffMoon ear cuff24:7 Star necklace

Love, Sarah

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08 November 2016

New Music Night Groove

Hit that Winter sweet spot with this essential night groove playlist and prepare to heat up the ambience in equal parts contemporary chill laced with sultry chills.  

When life hits the treadmill of tedious repetition don't knock the emergency stop button out of fear. Clock into what makes you tick, turn up the beat and stride onto that treadmill belt like the badass chief that you are. 

Find your passion, find your groove and find your driving elixir with this electrifying soundtrack mashup to nail your week...

Haute Rêverie

Lion Babe - She's A Lady

Jake Miller - Overnight

Sad Money x Nyne - Can't Sleep Alone

Harper - Skin

Jesper Jenset - High (Young Bombs remix)

TRACES - Do Better

Temptress - Guilty Pleasure

Jai Wolf, MNDR - Like It's Over

Local Sound - More Than Air

Golden Coast - Comeback Kid

Daya - Cool

Sabina Ddumba - Kingdom Come

Alex Newell, Jess Glyne - Kill The Lights (ft. Nile Rogers)

Starley - Call On Me (Ryan Riback remix)

Love, Sarah

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