03 November 2016

Lady In Red: Ruby Passion

A captivating and fiery lady in red who with one radiant gleam of passion could enchant just about any wanton eye; Welcome to the world of red, red Ruby.

The gem queen of the crystal world, this precious stone of nobility and flaming shades of beauty is one of four "precious" gemstones accredited to its rarity, carat value, hardness and natural vitality; the others including diamond, sapphire and emerald. Ruby is derived from the latin word 'Rubeus' meaning 'red' and the deeply striking red colour palette is due to genes within the Corundum family. Comprising of chrome and aluminium oxide, it is the presence of chromium that is to be thanked for its enchanting tones. 

Simultaneously, it is the nature of its formation that also causes the multitude of cracks and fissures within the crystals themselves. This is why rubies found with hardly any inclusions are crowned in royal monetary values at auction, classified as even more precious and rare than same category diamonds. Those crafted with inclusions and imperfections are hailed as precious symbols - their unique 'fingerprints' that set them apart in individuality.

For centuries this delightful little lady has been hailed as one of the most valued to waltz this Earth due to her mesmerising brilliance, her finer qualities and hard-to-miss looks.
When you think of red, a certain plethora of images, adjectives, feelings and pastimes emerge in our imagination: romance, lust, passion, prosperity, power and warmth to name a few. Indisputably it is a precious stone of love and vitality whose valuable virtue shines like the flaming tones of its rich colour. Often referred to as the 'silk' of the Ruby, many rubies include rutile needles showcasing a transparent silky shine that allow the light rays to glide across the surface in an enchanting pattern.

Often referenced as a blood stone, Queen Ruby is symbolic of the heart and two key metaphorical images: fire and blood. This has led many to believe that the metaphysical powers of Ruby provide a grounded and controlled affection to bring about a sense of warmth, life and passionate love for mankind. Spiritual qualities and growth are often whispered at in the presence of Queen Ruby who is thought to bring about a sense of loving energy amongst past hurts and encourages a renowned sense of courage, confidence and positive balance to those who wear her. Deep dark rubies manifest a deep durability and fearless passion for excitement and through its spiritual frequency, it is said that this fiery little lady encompasses a powerful energy to transform and change one's world for the better.

Like all necessities and luxuries we search and seek for in life, it's time you found your Lady in Red; hard to unearth just like the notion of perfect love but when you find it you'll never let go. 

Love, Sarah

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