08 November 2016

New Music Night Groove

Hit that Winter sweet spot with this essential night groove playlist and prepare to heat up the ambience in equal parts contemporary chill laced with sultry chills.  

When life hits the treadmill of tedious repetition don't knock the emergency stop button out of fear. Clock into what makes you tick, turn up the beat and stride onto that treadmill belt like the badass chief that you are. 

Find your passion, find your groove and find your driving elixir with this electrifying soundtrack mashup to nail your week...

Haute R√™verie

Lion Babe - She's A Lady

Jake Miller - Overnight

Sad Money x Nyne - Can't Sleep Alone

Harper - Skin

Jesper Jenset - High (Young Bombs remix)

TRACES - Do Better

Temptress - Guilty Pleasure

Jai Wolf, MNDR - Like It's Over

Local Sound - More Than Air

Golden Coast - Comeback Kid

Daya - Cool

Sabina Ddumba - Kingdom Come

Alex Newell, Jess Glyne - Kill The Lights (ft. Nile Rogers)

Starley - Call On Me (Ryan Riback remix)

Love, Sarah

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