30 January 2017

Spell Out Your Love In all Things Fine

February 14th has sauntered her way back onto the scene in her aromatic scent of expectation and lust for all things passionate, sensual and romantic.

In this day and age we all like to be creative, innovative and impressive in how we go about our professional and personal rendezvous'. Yet let's face it, sometimes stripping it back to the simple basics can often trump the fancy niceties and pack more of a punch in the old heart jukebox! 

The gift of love for that special little someone in your life is really rather simple; everyone wants to be feel special, understood and cherished. Surprises of the big, bold and bodacious kind can gift you with one hell of a crisp tan lounging on the sands of Bora Bora not to mention a hollow bank account. Expensive and fancy gestures may well be nice but they're not the only way to show your affection; it's often the small, sentimental tokens of thought that mean far more and you certainly can't put a price on thoughtful sentiment. 

Flowers? Pretty but they eventually die; a potential impending result for your relationship too. Chocolates? You'll be blamed for sabotaging her bikini body detox; Just don't go there. Jewellery? You've hit the love jackpot bullseye! Spell out your love in all things gold, silver and all things pretty to truly sweep your beau off their lovesick feet. I've set my sights upon the handsome candidates up for grabs this time of year and lovingly handpicked the best in bijoux right now! Jewellery is the sparkly language of love sealed with all sorts of elegant smoulder and stolen messages of love. 

Cast your wanton eyes upon my glittering Valentine's jewellery guide and get ready to steal the show and heart of your special someone...Cupid who? 

Roses are red, violets are blue, who's got their eye on something sparkly and new?

From left to right: Halcyon Days Heart BraceletTogether Forever Diamond RingSwarovski Crystal StudsTriple Ball Droppers

From left to right: Sugar Rush Drop EarringsImpatiens Flower DroppersRose Gold Heart BangleRose Gold StudsSorino Fine Bow Bangle

From left to right: Bejeweled Tassel DroppersClassic Tutti EarringsAretes Fiesta EarringsBeaded Tassel Earrings,

From left to right: 18ct Rose Gold BraceletTwo Tone Diamond RingCubic Zirconia StudsBe Mine Heart & Arrow Studs

From left to right: Love Ring with Cut DiamondPosey Pearl & Ruby EarringsMicro Pop Rose Gold RingStrawberry White Gold Ruby NecklaceWhite Gold Sapphire Ring

From left to right: Swarovski Teardrop NecklaceLeaf Crystal EarringsLight Swirl Crystal RingSabo Blue Crystal RingCirclet Crystal Hoops 

Love, Sarah

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