09 March 2017

Club Tropicana: 70s Colour Pop

With a British nation still in rocky, murky waters from Brexit, the fashion world have taken their new season sights into a lookbook awash with vivacious colour, flamboyancy and rebellious bursts of bijou. 

Whilst the political world battles amongst heavy tones of choking debates and pessimism, jump aboard the trend-led train of kitsch with a nod to the peace-loving 70s in all things theatrical, vibrant and positively uplifting!

As Spring strikes time on her sleepy arrival to the skies, indulge in the succulent and sweet taste of the bright side of life by injecting a buzz of tropical spirit into your fashion game.

Think oversized dimensions, bizarre and fierce colour blocking, acrylic geometry and valiant designs polished only for centre stage seat.

Fresh, bold and ablaze with the striking flashes of colourful glamour, cast your fickle magpie eyes upon our roundup of the best bangles, earrings, necklaces and pendants stacking up to be one eye-catching trend of unique self expression...!

Love, Sarah

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