27 March 2017

Indulge In Some Detail Therapy

In a fashion frenzied world where velour juicy tracksuits are becoming the new LBD and rubber crocs are suddenly the seasonal It shoe, the easiest way to stand out in the crowd is simply through your dramatic adornments!

With high-street fashion positively blooming with Springtime must-haves and our bank accounts starting to recharge back to health after the festive blowouts, we risk looking like trend-heavy clones of each other. Here at Benchpeg we fervently believe that to inject a sense of individual flair and pizzaz it comes down to one little game changer: It's all in the detail.

An easy, carefree way of shining the covetable spotlight upon a basic outfit is by throwing on a piece of unexpected jewellery. The trick of the game is to opt out from the generic styles spanning the shops and instead seeking out the pieces that would otherwise be overlooked. With a plethora of innovative shapes, styles, lengths and looks, there's a piece of jewellery that could twist up your Springtime look that any budget could allow.

The finer details of jewellery timepieces may be fleeting to the everyday wandering eye but it is in these unique particulars where personality and signature identity can be spoken through style and design. Effortless elegance becomes easy when you change up your delicate fine classics for emboldened, modern twists of fun spontaneity through the unexpected.

Switch up your look by straying from your jewellery safe waters and prepare to rock the boat in vogue chic with a piece of something big, a little bold but undeniably b-e-a-utiful! 
Time to get splashy and ostentatious....!

Love, Sarah

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