19 March 2017

Plunge Into The Fresh Watery Hue of Aquamarine

Whilst traditionally there are two precious birthstones associated with the blooming spring month of March it is Aquamarine that is more closely considered the stone of seasonal tranquility.

Derived from the latin word translating to "water of the sea", the ancient myth and symbolic folklore surrounding its properties is pulled from its aquatic associations and crystal ocean-like hue.

Mined mainly throughout Brazil, this precious stone is distinctive for its blue-green iridescent tones caused by the chemical makeup of the stone of iron oxides. Aquamarine is a blue-stone variety within the Beryl family and can be found within a range of tonal varieties from light, transparent shades to deep and rich earthy tones of the emerald family. Deep teal Aquamarine indicates that there is more iron present within the its composition and tends to be more commonly found in larger stones of this variety.

Like all precious birthstones, Aquamarine is said to have a plethora of mystical properties and healing powers to its advantage. Due to the nature of its asethic colour, the March birthstone embodies a connection to the ocean as well as heaven and evokes metaphors of reflection and revelation. The sparkling stone is hailed to represent a mirror by bringing about a reflection of our reality by exposing us directly to our inner souls, communication channels and inner healing.

As a water element stone of symmetries, Aquamarine stands as a crystal of balancing excessive emotions of anger, fear, guilt and disassociation. The powerful emotional cleansing that Aquamarine offers assists in cleansing powerfully negative and resistant energies to release emotional stagnation in our journey of transition and change. Fundamentally, Aquamarine embodies an important stone of empowerment, truth and honest communication.

As one of the most powerful gemstones aligned with the cleansing and clearing of the throat chakra, Aquamarine opens up the flow of energy between the body and soul enabling a release for free expression and profound connection to our emotions.

In ancient lore, Aquamarine was described as a stone of new horizons and opportunities; a talisman compass for direction and a life force aiding us with the cleansing water energies to achieve our goals and dreams. Due to its nature of coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, the use of Aquamarine within the Jewellery industry is extensive. The ethereal light blue tones of this precious gemstone beautifully compliment today's trend focus of sterling silver and white gold collections.

Captivate your attention of this beautiful March birthstone and get inspired to broaden your Jewellery horizons with a sense new growth, fresh energy and aquatic clarity.

Love, Sarah

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