08 April 2017

Dazzle In Date Night Jewels

When it comes to date night impressions it seems that our mothers were onto something all along; less is most certainly more. Taking the bold and brash road of ego-driven bravado and attention-grabbing pomposity is a dating game faux-pas.

Distracting, flashy and pretentious demeanour is a red flag marker for one thirsty flirt pursuit and all you'll be left with is a one way ticket to killing a good vibe. 

Subtle sophistication is the golden key to making a night of romance truly remarkable, not only in our words and actions but also for our embellished adornments.

A memorable night of stolen sultry glances, perfume scented touches and lasting impressions all comes down to feeling cool, confident and dressed in a little luxury to impress. Fastening on a slew of colourful, experimental, statement big players will leave you looking like a tropical jungle storm of drama and tragedy. 

Consider yourself as the darling Coco Chanel and pick your adornments like your outfit: understated, scaled back yet undoubtedly graceful and alluring. 

Pick a focal point you wish to accentuate such as your beautiful neck and pick one piece to show it off to the best of your advantage. A delicate necklace quietly dazzling with pave drop diamonds will draw the eye to an elegant d├ęcolletage whilst adding a twinkling element of enchantment and sparkle to your look.

Think low-key and playful; the type of Jewellery that interests the eye with intrigue and personal stories rather than screaming of loud costume extravagance. Let the understated style and grace of your adornments capture the attention of your date and take your look from predictable to something a little spectacular.

Amp up the luxury, amp up the elegance and soon you'll find yourself at destination desire!

Love, Sarah

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