21 April 2017

Wrapped Up With A Bow

The bow. A simplistic yet elegantly chic nod to femininity that is stealing the scenes in the jewellery trends spotlight. A long time classic motif within Jewellery and fashion this understated design has continuously served as a symbolic emblem to stylish finesse, beauty and haute couture style.

Looping back onto the style scene, the bow has been treated to a contemporary twist by multiple layers of precious metals fashioned into sculpted domes and rounded curves; playing with the reflections and refrains of light beams. The graceful craftsmanship of bow inspired adornments unfurl a graceful fluidity oozing with charming artistry.

A covetable symbol of vogue sophistication throughout the historic fashion wardrobes, the bow became a house-hold image for beautiful taste and luxury when Mademoiselle Chanel herself weaved the bow motif throughout her cult collections - jumpstarting the societal desire in maintaining this old-school tie.

This newfangled renaissance of the bewitching bow dangles, swings and shines in a deluge of styles from old-fashioned vintage classics, loud and proud colours, ultra-sleek modernism, romantic allure to edgy, eclectic design. Tied up in its simplistic base materials or bound with flashes of tasteful coloured gemstones and arresting diamond jewels.

Find yourself tied up in lust and love for our Look-book top picks within the splendour of Jewellery bowsis looping its way into the glass cabinets. 

Fashioned as a hairpiece, draped around the d├ęcolletage, wound around a tender wrist or captured swinging and swaying from a soft earlobe; the choice of opulent sculptural decoration is all yours!

[Image credits: Pinterest, katerinaperez, dior, tedbaker, emmakatefrancis, beaverbrooks, garrard, thejewelleryedit, selfridges, vancleefarpels, vanleles, solange]

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