22 May 2017

May You Say It With Emeralds

Vivid, vibrant and the vivacious colour of May, Emerald in all its zesty rich hue celebrates the arrival of not only Summer soul adventures but the arrival of all those May babies out there. May has forever been known as the month that sits in the deep heart of Spring whilst teasing us with snippets of the sunny blue skies and mischief of Summer days.

As the gemstone of Venus and fertility, Emerald is a stone of inspiration and aspiration by encouraging its wearer to live ad act authentically from the heart. A catalyst for the abundance of human emotions, Emerald channels the energy patterns that surface straight from the heart chakra.

Encouraging us to strengthen our interactions with the external world by opening up our hearts, emerald is seen to be a precious stone of compassion, unconditional love and abundant hope.

Traditionally known as a 'growth crystal' thanks to its green ray purity, marks emerald as a powerful stone of birth, creation and sustainable life. It's symbolic powers of nurturing spiritual growth and development aligns with contemporary societal ideals of constant eco renewal; metaphorical in how the Pantone colour of 2017 is that of Greenery.

A birthstone of rejuvenation, emerald is historically known for reviving passion both on a personal development front as well as romantic love. Helping to calm the plethora of human emotion and impulse, this beautiful stone stimulates focus, unity and abundance within one's emotional and bodily equilibriums.

The colour saturation of emerald ranges from bluish green to deep pure green with almost all stones containing several birthmarks known as inclusions. Unlike the clarity of other precious gems, these inclusions do not detract from the value of these stones where in fact very few birthmarks are often met with suspicion. As one of the most rare gemstones in existence, the more rich, intense and vivid hue of green found within emeralds the more valuable they become.

Love, Sarah

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