10 June 2017

The Enchanting Return of Ebony

Prized for its heartwood and beautifully smooth finish on fine furniture and accessories, black Ebony is one of the most expensive and valuable types of wood found in the world.

Like most wonders of nature, no two pieces of Ebony Blackwood are alike due to the difference in location and species of heartwood for it to thrive. With Black Ebony increasingly becoming a rarity in discovery, poaching of this fine material has greatly increased due to its value. 

The darker the wood, the more valuable the piece of Ebony becomes due to being classed as more "pure" and showcasing the old age of its survival. Young ebony tends to be lighter in colour and thus less valuable in production.

Despite the age of Blackwood ebony, the fine-texture of its grain makes for a sleek and glossy finish; an ideal and covetable material for crafting ornamental embellishments.

With the jewellery industry bursting with young creatives, innovative techniques and unique creations sculpted out of unusual materials have swept through the design cupboard.

This year the use of precious metals curated with rare and polished wooden elements have surfaced as the dramatic and striking look of the season. The use of rose gold against the deep smoulder and rich beauty of black ebony tree wood has spread its roots amongst fine jewellery collections.

With its luxuriant multi-grain aesthetics and dense wood hardness, Ebony lends itself as an adaptable material for refined mouldings and finely detailed pieces such as musical instruments, keepsake boxes as well as fine jewellery collections.

After its forgotten reign in opulent popularity many decades ago, make an impact this season with the warmth of noble wood mixed and mingled with the beauty of classic gold and silver.

Prepare yourself  for the comeback of enchanting ebony Blackwood...

From left to right: Striped Monochrome DroppersRoma Imperial ChokerContrast Ebony ChokerRed Ebony Droppers

From left to rightOval Hinged BraceletPamono Ebony RingStriped Bracelet CuffDot Basic Link Bracelet, Three Circles Ring

From left to right: Doppio Senso EarringsChunky Palmwood Choker, Rose Gold & Ebony EarringsEbony Jet Droppers

From left to right: Forbidden RingGold Marrakech HoopsLemon Calotte RingGold Multi-stone CuffSherazade Droppers

From left to right: Chunky Palmwood CuffClear Resin Ebony EarringsEbony Circle EarringsEbony Stone Necklace

From left to right: Gold Multi-Strand NecklaceChunky Structured Cuff, Rule of Three Thin BraceletDot Link Long DroppersCircle Droppers

Love, Sarah

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