28 August 2017

The Four Rings of Forever

Blurred lines have become a common norm in today's society yet history has long shown us that the stages of a relationship are distinguished by four rings of commitment. Is it a casual summer fling, a committed entanglement, short or long term or even warrant an extra pair of house keys?

Modern society keeps the boundaries loose and overlapped but the wedding ring has forever been the symbolic sign of love, affection and promise between two individuals.

Yet for every stage of a relationship there is a band of meaning to embody it. The evolution of these four rings has steadily gained popularity in recent years; a romantic testament between two people prior to the big white wedding commitment of marriage and forever. So what exactly are these four rings?

I've scoured the sparkly white light displays of bespoke jewellery windows to bring you the the current trends making a storm as the four rings types of forever...

#1. The Promise Ring

Whilst promise rings are a relatively new trend compared to the three other traditional rings of commitment, the sentiment behind the promise ring has rapidly increased in popularity in recent years. A symbolic piece of jewellery, the promise ring, otherwise known as a pre-engagement ring, acts as a symbol promise to remain monogamous as a couple with the intention of getting engaged in the near future. Like with any ring as a sign of commitment, the promise ring is given to showcase the love between two people, ascribing a platonic bond between them. The promise ring, like the engagement ring tends to be worn on the second to last finger on the left hand. The idea is this ring acts a promise to later be replaced with an engagement ring when the time is right.

#2. The Engagement Ring

The engagement ring dates back to ancient times in history but remains to be the symbolic gesture of love, promise, devotion and fidelity between two people. In Western countries, engagement rings are most commonly worn by a woman on her second to last left finger; a symbolic agreement between two people of future marriage. Engagement rings can come in all shapes, sizes, metals, colours, adornments and price tags; the style and design of each ring is entirely down to the preference of its wearer. What underpins the variety of engagement rings that they are all ultimately circles of metal, symbols of sacred geometry. Circles have neither a beginning nor an ending and thus represent a sense of eternal, perfect and long-lasting wholeness.

#3. The Wedding Ring

A symbol of marriage, the wedding ring - or wedding band- symbolises the union and commitment between two people. The wedding ring is traditionally worn on the fourth finger of the left hand as it is thought that the main vein found in this particular finger leads directly to the heart of the wearer. Circular in shape, the wedding ring is an endless band of beauty and thus a symbol of eternal devotion; just the way love should be between spouses. Wedding rings can come in a range of styles and metals with platinum, silver and rose gold increasing in popularity year on year. Some like the simplicity of a precious metal ring whilst others prefer a more personalised touch with encrusted diamonds, gemstones and individual engravings. Gold bands are thought to represent fidelity, white gold representing friendship and rose gold symbolising love.

#4. The Eternity Ring

Although similar in nature to the wedding bandana eternity ring is most commonly worn by a woman, although many men are choosing to wear them as either their engagement or wedding bands. 
Like all other rings of commitment, the circular shape acts as a symbol of everlasting love and the prospect of good things always enduring. Ultimately, the eternity ring is seen to be the ultimate gift of romance between spouses; a gift marking their long-lasting devotion to one another or to mark an important milestone in their marriage, such as an anniversary. Eternity rings tend to be made of precious metals and can come as either 'half' rings or 'full' rings. Half eternity rings comprise of diamonds or gemstones clustered around the front of the band. On the other hand, full eternity rings have diamonds and gems that circle around the entire band of the ring. The eternity ring - also referred to as an infinity rings the ultimate symbol of everlasting love and undying commitment. 

Love, Sarah

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