20 December 2017

'Tis the Season for Festive Health Hacks

From those endless top-ups of bubbly fizz to free-pass buckets of quality street, it's safe to say that the festive mode is well and truly here! With deliciousness and cheer out in abundance and mince pies making their way down south to your rear, December is a month of chaotic indulgence. 

Late night wining, dining and sequin-spangled booty shakes can wreak havoc on the health of even the hardiest party-goers! Christmas is certainly not the time to channel your inner health goddess by exercising a steely resistance to those winking lindt truffles; where's the fun in that?

Whilst the world knocks back vintage sherry and stuffing flavoured nuts, don't kill your festive fun by sticking to sparkling H2O and shredded carrot canapés to keep your health in check.

Life and health is all a balancing act so keep in mind that you can have your right hand permanently shoved down the tube of paprika Pringles whilst your left playfully picks at the vegetable crudités. 

Keep that playful energy alive, those eye bags designer, hangover moans down low and those festive pitfalls off your agenda with these Christmas hints and hacks for one healthy, happy holiday...!

Embrace the Holy Water
Just like Tom always comes with Jerry and batman comes with robin, Christmas comes with alcohol with a cheeky side order of more ethanol. Don't find yourself swaying with the Christmas tree after one too many glasses by alternating your vodka bevies with cold glasses of water. Pace yourself and keep your party head on straight by rehydrating and flushing toxins from your system with H2O.

Strike a Balance
December welcomes more than a handful of social festoons but that doesn't mean you should shake off your usual routines and dive nose-deep in butter-based roasties and homepage egg-nog for the entire month. Have your cake and bloody well enjoy it when the festivities arise but in between the sparkles and mistletoe when the trackies are out, aim to maintain your usual patterns of healthy eating and behaviour.

Count Some Sheep
Amongst the stolen mistletoe kisses and fifth round of monopoly, don't forget to tuck yourself in and get some beauty sleep. Don't stress about not fitting in a quick session of HIT, it's far better to prioritise getting some sleep than putting your body through a stressful workout. Running short on shut eye comes hand-in-hand with festive parties but take a page out of your Nana's book and embrace the post-lunch snooze cruise.

Get High on Vitamins
Between the booze and the copious pigs in blankets, your energy levels will take one for the team and take one serious nose-dive this festive season. Enjoy yourself but instead of sticking to a plate of beige, make sure to get some colour and variety into the equation. Nosh on the rainbow with potassium rich foods like bananas, magnesium, iron and veggies for a quick antioxidant boost and gut bacteria upgrade. Your mum was right all along, eat your veggies kids!

Don't Skip Dinner 
Whilst that gorgeous silk wrap dress may be extra curve-hugging, don't sacrifice your health and wellbeing for a flattering pre-drinks Instagram snap. Invest in your future, post-party self and state by lining your stomach before the vodka gets flowing. Partying hard on an empty stomach will mean that any alcohol will lower your inhibitions and weaken your willpower to the bumper-sized box of ferrero rocher's calling your name and a regrettable rendezvous with an equally steaming office flirt. Save yourself from one god-awful hangover and a chilly walk of shame by dishing up a dinner that'll keep you on your feet. Think protein, carbs and a side sprinkling of healthy fats. 

Skip the Guilt
Christmas is all about having fun and enjoying some precious time spent with family and friends. Indulging your desires and having a little bit of what you fancy is good for the soul. Quit stressing over the calories in your Christmas dinner or how many lbs those mince pies are going to pile on. If there's any time to let loose, grab your fat pants and let yourself go for a few days of stress-free living, it's now! 

Make Time for You
Between the cocktail soirees, Christmas party dinners and multiple family games of charades, it's easy to lose track of time and forget about looking after yourself. It's tempting to jump on every invitation to sway your way but remember to keep your diary and agenda balanced, like your drinks. Set aside at least two nights a week where you done down the vibe, stay in and recharge. Whether that means sitting in your onesie watching back-to-back Christmas films, having a pamper night of face-masks and nail-painting or baking up a festive storm in the kitchen, your body and your mind will thank you for some time out from all the Christmas chaos.

Stretch Those Legs
Whilst our usual exercise regimes fall by the window amongst all the festive fun, try and schedule in some fresh air between the mulled wine and party crackers. Instead of pushing yourself to go it alone on the treadmill, make exercise a family-focused activity by dragging everyone out for a post-lunch field stomp, a heart-pumping family run or even a quick game of rounder’s. Making it a family orientated activity makes it more fun and sociable and helps everyone to recharge with a change of scenery.

[Image credits: Pinterest, sheerluxe,womenshealthmag]  

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