20 January 2018

Unconventional Date Ideas for Valentine's Day

The annual day of glittery pink hearts, red roses and cheesy anecdotes of undying love is just around the corner but one of the hardest things about Valentine's Day is deciding what the heck to do to make it instagram-worthy, 'perfect' for your beau!

Whilst some couples will be gearing up to wow their significant others with sultry candle-lit dinners under wild fauna and a glistening diamond rock for dessert (yes..clos maggiore I'm looking at you!), some of us will inevitably look at one another in bewilderment and think "so...what should we do?"

As much as slipping into something a little special and heading out for a romantic evening of wining and dining sounds fabulous, it can also end up being cheesy and clichéd as you sit amongst shiny heart shaped balloons and waiters giving you the sultry eyebrow of suggestion.

With the world around us gearing up for a day of rose petals, champagne showers and little ribbon-wrapped ring boxes of commitment, why not make your day even more memorable by trying out something a little out of the ordinary this year? Whether you're a single pringle ready to wreak havoc with your girlfriends or happily coupled up, I've been on a hunt to give you inspiration for a 2018 Valentine's Day done a little differently!

Whatever it is you have planned for February 14, here is my mashup mix of unique and unconventional date ideas, guaranteed to ignite the fun without all the heart-shaped clichés...

Jukebox Throwback

Skip the fancy cocktails and gourmet restaurants and hit up an old-school vintage bar instead. With beers flowing on tap, give your night a retro makeover and get the laughter flowing with competitive games of darts and pool. Even better, surprise your date with a dedication song on the juke box to throw it back to that first time you got together...and no, 'Perfect' by Ed Sheeran is not allowed.

Dish up your love elsewhere

Instead of believing you must showcase your love for one another on this one day in exaggerated grandeur and romance, why not take your love elsewhere and give it to someone who is in need of it? There's something quite special about sacrificing your own time to benefit another and seeing just how much a difference it can make. Why not head down to a local shelter and help out at the soup kitchen - partaking in a worthy cause with your S.O will probably have you both falling in love all over again!

Get Steamy

By all means go ahead but before getting personally hot under the collar, book yourself in for a cooking class and whip up a storm together in the kitchen! Getting messy with dough, bonding over pots of caramel and re-enacting Mr. Napkin face a la Jude Law will ignite the spontaneous and free lovebirds that you are.

Recreate your first date

Not only does it come rich in thought and sentiment, but you can almost guarantee that both of you will have a great time! If you and your S.O have been together for several years, recreating the moment you both fell in love will be a valuable reminder of how lucky you are to have found one another.

Visit a brewery or local winery

Whether it's a scheduled day in your local city or somewhere else in the country, why not make a day of it and treat it as an exotic adventure. Stop off for a mimosa-fuelled brunch somewhere along the way and spend the day giggling over nonsense after one too many glasses sips of wine. You'll end the day feeling not only chilled and mellow but as if you've spent the day on holiday somewhere fancy!

Lock your doors and bring the cinema home

Dedicate the evening to nothing but each other and create your own private movie fort with a projector and your favourite movie. Turn off your phones, wiggle into your pj's, grab the popcorn, vodka and blankets and you're set!

Ready, steady, game on!

Who needs truffle sauce and Dom Perignon over candlelight when you can slurp a vodka Diet Coke whilst you sink your S.O's battleship? A date guaranteed to get your juices flowing, laughter rolling and inner competitive diva going, a night of board games and competition is just the answer.

Unwind with a day of serenity

Instead of forking out for fancy dinner reservations, flowers and teddy bears invest in yourselves as a couple and book in for a couples' spa day complete with massages, foot rubs and complimentary bubbly. If you're looking for the zen without making your purse strings cry, take the spa home and do it DIY-style. Pick up a couple of facemasks from boots, fill up your washing up bowl with soapy hot water and spend the evening waltzing round in your dressing gowns and cucumber eye slices. 

Take a 'staycation' at a local hotel

Fluffy sheets, tiny bespoke toiletries and room service on tap isn't only available after an 8 hour flight to the sun, so why not splurge and spend the night away at a hotel. Even if it's in your current city or a location close by, book yourselves in to a fancy-pants hotel and and spend the night without any responsibilities. Order room service, jump on the bed, watch a movie and get filthy in the hot tub...who said hotels are only for exotic destinations abroad!

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