03 February 2018

February, A Month of Love

Whilst February is notoriously the month of nothing but glittery hearts plastered across shop windows, sickly captions of undying love on social media and restaurant decor of rose bunting, table confetti and floating candles, it doesn't have to be confined solely to what is Valentine's Day. 

Beyond the commercial traditions of February 14th, this month marks the perfect opportunity to celebrate love in all its different shapes, forms and narratives. Love is such a complicated mix of human emotion but it connects us all individually in some way or another and that is what makes it special. 

Why just visit your local florist shop to purchase that bouquet of roses for your significant other when you can visit it to unearth a wonderful gift for anyone and everyone in your life.

A bunch of carnations for the mother who has never failed you, a bouquet of colourful daisies for the best friend who lights up your life or even lilies for Mrs Jones who lives next door and makes the meanest tray of flapjacks you've ever tasted? Love is special, unique, warming and love really is all around us. 

Whether you're in love or not doesn't make February 14 something to dread or avoid. Even if you're feeling alone or nursing a recent heartbreak, simply being in the presence of love can help ease the feelings of isolation. Even when it's not your own, being surrounded by love, watching people fall in love, talk about love, be in love can leave you loving love

Love doesn't have to be gushy words of commitment, cuddly toys or stolen ear whispers between couples, love can be anything you want it to be. Love can be seeing your dog's tail wiggle, that first taste of chocolate, an embrace with an old friend, a ring, your favourite top, colour or film: its whatever makes your insides smile. 

But for those of us struggling to find the positive sunshine after trudging through the bleak month of January, here are a few reminders as to why the month of February is something to love!

#1. February is the last official month of winter
Ok so March is more than capable of throwing us some nasty curveballs but knowing that February is technically the last month of winter makes the occasional temperature drop more bearable. Spring is on the horizon folks so better start prepping those pins for gradual exposure...!

#2. Time to celebrate Chinese New Year
February 19th welcomes the arrival of Chinese New Year which gives us one extra excuse to crack out the drinks and take full advantage of all the dim sum we can get our hands on! If celebrating the arrival of 2018 and all the changes you promised didn't quite pan out throughout January then the 19th marks a second chance! Who doesn't love the opportunity for a do-over?!

#3. It's the shortest month of the year
February also happens to be the month where your pay-check can be used to treat yourself! December paid for all those Christmas gifts and drinks, January paid for recuperating the losses from the big C and so February can finally pay for those shoes you've been eyeing up since January 1st. Cha-Ching!

#4. The day that really matters - February 15th
Why look forward to February 14th when the real party is happening the day after?! Welcome to the post-valentine's chocolate sales!

#5. Tax season is upon us
So tax season isn't at first considered to be something to celebrate but it does give us something to rejoice - why hello there, long-overdue tax rebate!!

#6. Hello National Pancake day!
The day where you can eat all the damn carbs in pancake-form is nearly upon us and no one can say a single thing to deter you! February 13 is looming large folks so it's time to stock up all the chocolate spread, butter, lemon, sugar, golden syrup and fillings available for a day that's flippin' good!

#7. Easter has officially hit the shelves
Creme Eggs, chocolate lindt bunnies and mini eggs are winking at us on every shop corner so it's high time to start the chocolate egg love affair! It'd be rude not to, right?

#8. Entertainment hots up
If there's one thing to get excited about this month it's the release of the highly-awaited film Black Panther. Thank you Marvel for gifting us with cinematic delight this February. 

#9. A day of chocolate unity
Every year, chocolate spread lovers come together and unite in celebration for their adoration of chocolately Nutella. Come February 5th, it is entirely acceptable to snuggle up on the sofa and spoon a jar of Nutella. How filthy. 

#10. The 'New Year, New Me' tosh expires
January is not only a miserable month because of the lack of money in our bank accounts but we're bombarded with gym memberships, diet claptrap and tripping over gym bags from just about everyone on the tube. January welcomes the world and his wife heading into the gym and swigging green smoothies but now that 31 days of torture has expired, the fun of life is finally restored now that it's February. Welcome back to the real world, oh enlightened gym-goers, have a bloody beer and burger on me. 

What makes February the best month to love however is that the 10th is the day of birth of none other than yours truly! Any gifts of XL Candy King sweetie tubs are not only wholeheartedly welcomed but actively encouraged!

[Image credits: Pinterest, manrepeller, metro]

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