07 February 2018

Valentine's Gift Guide: Sparkle with Love

It's that time of year again when February 14th is looming at large and the pressures of presenting delicate gifts of grandeur are heavy in the air.

As one of the most romantic days of the calendar year, Valentine's Day has become a day dedicated to showing appreciation, dedication and true affection to the one you love.

If you're seeking a gift of love that speaks louder than a box of praline chocolates and lasts longer than a bunch of dozen red roses then steer your attention to a gift that's larger than life.

Life is precious, delicate and infinitely fragile so why not savour each breath, feel every sense, love hard and strong and live in true style. Adding something special to February 14th can be found in a timeless piece of beautiful design and everlasting style.

Gifting jewellery at Valentine's Day can cause more than a few heartbeats to thump loudly so tread carefully when it comes to selecting the right piece for your loved one.

Presenting a ring with more sparkle than a disco ball can cause a touch more commitment than you bargained for so if you want to save the ringing bells for another day then why not express your love through something a little more unconventional.

With a whole world of jewellery on the market, selecting a piece suited to the personality, interests and style of your beau is easier than first thought.

Fine jewellery pieces from diamond pendants, delicate gold bangles to fashion statements of bold cocktail rings and asymmetrical long earrings, there is an array of iconic collections to pick and choose from.

Whether the interests of your loved one aligns with vintage classic styles or leans more to modern clean lines, there is a piece out there guaranteed to make their heart beat faster!

For the man in your life...

For something a little more special...

Love, Sarah

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