29 March 2018

Golden Fever for New Season Refinement

Simplistic, elegant, timeless. Classic yellow gold is making a comeback within a new wave of modernist jewellery design, making it the perfect accessory for adding a touch of complimentary refinement to the new season.

What comes to mind when someone mentions gold accessories is times-past bandwagon of big, bold and unashamedly in your face. Fast forward to 2018 and the hustle-bustle of life makes for no down-time so jewellery that works for day-to night ease and wearability is top of our priorities.

Yellow gold has undergone a sleek new makeover with the mood of pared-down delicacy sweeping brash and loud showstoppers as a thing of the past.

Designers these days are not necessarily taking a "less is more" approach, but rather refining their designs to arrive at aesethically-pleasing subtly. Dainty frameworks of metal alloys combinations in oval, rectangular and star shapes are brought to life with tiny pave diamonds and gemstones.

The end result? A simple yet luxurious piece of perfect proportions in terms of design, material and detail which remain timeless.

With colour spectrums making a bright return to our wardrobes this season, gold jewellery - from yellow, rose to white gold makes for a perfect finishing touch to accentuate your look.

Take a look at my favourite gold drops to the jewellery world this season and remember, if it's gold then you can do no wrong!

Love, Sarah

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15 March 2018

The Birthstone of March: Aquamarine

Aquamarine, the birthstone for those born in March, embodies all things connected to the sea, from its crystalline ocean tones to its Latin aqua marinus, translating to "water of the sea". Aquamarine is the translucent blue variety of crystal belonging to the beryl family.

Ranging in colour from transparent, pale-blue hues to slightly greenish-blue tones, the variety seen in aquamarine is caused by the presence of iron oxides within its chemical composition.

All About Aquamarine

Heat treated aquamarine tends to result in crystals with a strong, deep blue-like appearance whilst natural aquamarine is usually of a lighter hue and more green in colour. Aquamarine is commonly sourced throughout the world, from Namibia, Myanmar (Burma) to Pakistan with the largest producer of aquamarine being Brazil.

Aquamarine remains to be one of today's most popular and sought-after stones as like most beryls, it forms beautiful large-crystals that make it perfect for fashioning carvings and fine jewellery. Aquamarine grows in six-sided prismatic crystals, often at great lengths which when faceted can showcase a vitreous lustre with exceptional and beautiful sparkle.

Well-cut gems of aquamarine that show brilliance, are of strong and deep blue and green tones and are without visible inclusions demand a high value within the industry.

History & Lore

A crystal associated with the deep powers of the ocean, aquamarine was thought to be a treasure of mermaids and was commonly used by sailors and roman fisherman as an talisman of safety, good luck and fearlessness over water. Many Egyptians and Hebrews considered held aquamarine in high value, considering it a symbol of everlasting youth, love and happiness.

Wearing this stone in a simple pendant, ring or drinking from amulets embellished with the crystal was considered symbolic enough. This closely parallels Roman legend that aquamarine embodies the spirit and atmosphere of young love and when worn, blesses its wearer in hope and promise of great things to come. Roman folklore has shown that figures of frogs engraved upon beryl aquamarine was thought to reconcile any discord between enemies and bring about friendship instead.

Emotional Healing & Spiritual Properties

Aquamarine is a water element stone renowned for cleansing the body and shifting limiting emotional patterns, opening up communication and enabling free expression and release. Identified as a stone of spiritual healing and energy balance, aquamarine is a stone of empowerment and strongly thought to activate the throat chakra.

The throat chakra is the voice of the body and so aquamarine is worn by many to stimulate the flow of energies between the throat and the heart, enhancing and aligning how we communicate our ideas, beliefs and emotions to one another.

Aquamarine was also used by the Romans as a talisman for cleansing and purifying water when travelling over sea. Often carried by sailors to prevent them from danger of drowning, aquamarine has historically been identified as a stone for energy seekers. The energies of the crystal itself align with the energies of its wearer, helping to navigate the mind to seek new horizons, adventures and opportunity.

In other words, aquamarine has historically become a symbolic compass of value and a force of direction for those who are lost, wandering or seeking new capabilities.

Today aquamarine remains to be a popular choice of crystal used in jewellery, adorning rings, pendants, bracelets and keepsakes. Pale blue aquamarine is often thought to be a love crystal which is why it is often given as a love token or eternity ring to encourage commitment, fidelity and harmony between two lovers.

For a birthstone gift or token of significance that gives beyond its physical beauty then aquamarine is a stone that never fails to deliver!

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11 March 2018

Chime with the Times: The Top Watches for 2018

It's not only the outfit that oozes a person's style and charm but also the finer details they wear on the side.

With an endless selection of shape, size, colour, design and style, a beautiful, sleek and intriguing timepiece is set to clock in as the must-have accessory for 2018.

Just like the economic status of the world, the watch industry has experienced more than its fair share of ups and downs in popularity but this year, the jewellery world has clocked a slow and steady rise in demand for luxury wrist wear.

From simple and seamless two-handed tickers to luxury multi-dimensional chronographs, 2018 is guaranteed to be the year tailored to all you watch-nerds out there!

Fasten some quality on your wrist with my hand-picked selection of head-turning timepieces. From modern design and unexpected colour movements to wearable vintage classics, match your watch to your wardrobe this Spring!

Men's Watch Brands to keep watch of...

  • A. Lange & Söhne
  • Jaeger-LeCoultre
  • Greubel Forsey
  • Girard-Perregaux
  • Boss
  • Ball Watch Co
  • Baume & Mercier
  • Blancpain
  • Bulova
  • Breitling

Women's Watch Brands to keep watch of...

  • Van Cleef & Arpels
  • Skagen
  • Gucci
  • Cluse
  • Chopard
  • IWC
  • Chanel
  • Jaeger-LeCoultre

Love, Sarah

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