28 July 2018

A Touch of Noir

When we think of diamonds we're used to picturing white sparkly stones, so what if we were to say that alongside those bright glistening stones is a dark step sister that is becoming equally popular?

In recent years, the demand and popularity for nonconventional stones - particularly in engagement rings- has found black diamonds to be one of the most popular choices of fancy-coloured diamonds.

Previously held in low regard, natural-colour black diamonds continued to be unpopular until designers started to implement them into their collections in the late 20th century; often contrasting them with colourless pave diamonds.

Perhaps the most relatable moment for today's millennials that sparked the desirability for black diamonds is the moment Mr. Big presented Carrie with a 5ct black diamond engagement ring at the end of the 2010 film, Sex in the City 2.

Research into the colour and formation of black diamonds is still relatively new. In general there are two main types of black diamonds; each demanding varying industry values.

These two categories include:

1. Natural-colour black diamonds
These have the same chemical composition as white diamonds but their crystal structure, containing many inclusions is vastly different, therefore causing the change in colour. Natural-colour black diamonds tend to be completely opaque with a high luster which gives the stones their metallic-esque finish.

2. Treated black diamonds
These diamonds tend to be low value white diamonds that contain many inclusions. By treating these white diamonds with heat or radiation, the colour of them is then altered to black. Since such black diamonds are made from low-value regular diamonds, this type tends to demand the lowest industry value.

Treated black diamonds are far more common to come by since naturally-occurring black diamonds are quite rare.

It goes without saying that whilst black diamonds don't showcase the same sparkle and light-catching display as its white counterparts, they add a level of striking drama and exotic demure in their own right. Timeless, classic and unexpected, a touch of noir is the perfect way of taking your look from boring to passionate and edgy.

With unparalleled durability, why not take a trip to the dark side and let your stones showcase a touch of sensual femininity, mystery and statement individuality; as they say, once you go black you'll never look back!

Image and source credits: Pinterest, jewelstreet, naturallycolored, jewelrynotes, net-a-porter, simplybe, astleyclarke, thejewelleryeditor, gemvara
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